Case Erectors

Case Erectors

To suit any specific application Arcon offers a wide range of case erecting machinery – from low cost semi-automatic models to high speed fully-automatic erectors and even specially modified systems to fit your specific needs.  We offer you proven quality, high performance and reliability. Every case erector can be used as a stand-alone machine or close coupled to a case sealer.

The range of Semi-Automatic Case Erectors is suitable for low and medium capacity lines and for a wide range of case sizes. They improve throughput and reduce the time taken to manually erect cases. 

The Fully-Automatic machines are capable of forming and sealing (with hot melt glue or tape) various styles and sizes of corrugates trays, cases and boxes. Ideal for low, medium or high speed operations these durable erectors can handle up to 30 cases per minute. 

Key features of the Case Erectors:
  • Dual opposing vacuum opening – ensures each case is opened positively from both sides.
  •  High speed – the case erectors can be fitted with servo drives to increase the number of cases erected per minute.
  • Robust construction – the machines are designed for 24/7 operation in rigorous environment. High quality parts with finish options of mild steel, powder coated white (RAL9010) or stainless steel.
  • Ease of operation – the machines provide clear access and simple controls. The hi-resolution colour touch screen HMI allows for quick set-up, data entering and getting information of machine status.
  • Easy for cleaning and maintenance for minimal machine down time.
  • Compact footprint - suitable for restricted floor space.
  • Low cost of ownership.